MMA NFT Collections are released on OpenSea by Generation. Each 1/1  NFT is priced at .03 Eth each and available from Meme Mafia until sold out. NFT owners can also list their NFTs for sale or they can accept or counter bids that they receive.

Each Generation collection contains a preselected number of NFTs with hidden rewards. Once purchased on OpenSea, the NFT owner reveals the Locked Content to see if the purchased NFT is holding those very special rewards. 

Pay Off NFTs:  Each MMA Generation is assigned a Pay Off wallet that collects Ethereum from the MEMEMAFIA transaction taxes. Pay Off NFTs are hidden in each collection, and when the Pay Off wallet’s timer hits zero, the owners of all Pay Off NFTs split the Ethereum that has accumulated in that collection’s wallet.

Kick Back NFTs:  Some NFT collections also have NFTs with Kick Backs.  Kick Backs are rewards issued in USDC in the denomination identified within the locked content that is revealed by the NFT’s owner. Kick Back rewards are paid out to the NFT owner when that collection’s Pay Off wallet timer expires. 

Holidng the NFTs:  The Meme Mafia family uses the MMA NFT Collections to reward holders with special drawings and prizes. Some drawings have specific NFT ownership requirements in order to be eligible for the drawing, so be sure to hold on to the NFTs your purchase to maintain your eligibility! Check out the Pay Off Schedule on our Pay Offs page!

Collection is loaded on OpenSea and goes on sale on Friday, 8 September 2023.