Top 10 ERC20 Meme Project Voting


Landing in the Top 10

Follow along as ERC20 Meme projects posture to land and remain in the Top 10! We pull the Top 10 ERC20 Meme projects using the Meme category on Coin Gecko paired with the awesome token data complied by Guardian Platform.

Every 90 days the below list will be updated based on the Market Cap of the ERC20 Memes projects shown in the Meme category. You can vote for your fav two ERC20 meme projects every 24 hours. When the 90-day timer expires, Meme Mafia will spend 50% of the project’s collected transaction taxes to execute market price buy backs of the top two vote getters.

This Top 10 will change every 90 days based on the project’s price performance, so keep a close eye on this list and GET YOUR COMMUNITIES TO VOTE FOR YOUR PROJECTS! 

Voting closes in-








The below list of Top 10 ERC20 Meme Projects was pulled from the Coin Gecko Meme category on 7 September 2023.  When the above timer ends, Meme Mafia will execute their buy backs of the top two vote getters, and those purchased tokens are delivered to the ArchAngel Staking pool as rewards to stakers to harvest in their next staking cycle. 

This round of voting is now closed. Be on the lookout for the new poll!

Token Buybacks:  Block 1

Project 1 Vote Winner:  SHIB

Votes Earned:  103

Tokens Purchased: 112,481,838

Buy Back Spent: $839.68

Txn Hash:  Link 

Project 2 Vote Winner:  TSUKA

Votes Earned:  66

Tokens Purchased:  24,103

Buy Back Spent:  $839.68

Txn Hash:  Link