Whitepaper V3, September 2023

Super low mint NFT collections (150-250 NFTs) with awesome 1-of-1 meme characters. Unlock NFT content on OpenSea to reveal

Pay Off and Kick Back messages that award Pay Off wallet ETH rewards and USDC prizes for Kick Backs worth thousands!

Hold the NFTs and some MEMEMAFIA  and Grumble tokens to be eligible for massive upcoming drawings! 

Every MMA NFT collection has a corresponding Pay Off wallet that builds Eth for the first 90 days that the collection is listed. At least 12 Pay Off NFTs are hidden in each collection. Land one and earn your share of that collection’s Pay Off wallet!  Track all the Pay Offs, rewards, and drawings on our Pay Off page

Here’s the Pay Off schedule that shows current and upcoming awards and drawings. Get your MMA Generation NFTs while they last and build your token bags while they’re afforadable!  All you need to do to be eligible is simply hold them in the same wallet!  See the Pay Off page for more details!

Every 90 days the top 10 Meme Projects in Crypto are added to a voting list. Vote every 24 hours for your two favorite Meme projects. Meme Mafia purchases tokens from the top two vote earners every 90 days.

*The team is currently revamping the Meme Sector Buyback program. Round 3 Voting is on hold until then.

Current Announcements and Updates

Bakery Pay Off Wallet Activated

Laundry Wallet Fully Executed

Grumble’s “Quarto” BTC Drawings

Grumble’s “The Grand” Drawing

Grumble Kick Backs in Gen 2 NFTs

MMA Generation 2 NFTs Launched

Info Posters

Token Comparison

Grumble Token Info

Grumble Token Info

Meme Mafia Token Info