Pick 3 Lottery Game on Solana!

Active Pick 3 Ticket Series:  Series 1

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Pick 3 Drawing

SOL Balance: 0.1561

USD Value $ 25.27

Status: Active

Pick 3 NFT tickets are .01 SOL each and drawings occur every week.

A new Pick 3 Ticket Series is launched within 24 hours of an awarded jackpot.

Pick 3 Ticket Series

Total Tickets Available:  999
Ticket Numbers:  0-998
Cost Each:  .01 SOL
Holder Ticket Limit:  None
Series Drawings:  1
Style:  Weekly Drawing
Payouts:  Solana sent direclty to the wallet holding the NFT
Payout Timeline:  Within 24 hours of drawing

Drawings occur weekly until a winning ticket is drawn. 

A new Pick 3 Ticket Series will launch within 24-hours after a win.

Pick 3 Lottery

PowerBrawl’s Pick 3 Lottery game is a simple lottery based on 999 NFT Tickets launched for each Pick 3 Series. Ticket numbers start with number 0 and end with number 999. One drawing occurs each week until a minted lottery ticket number is drawn. Once the Pick 3 pot is won, the next Pick 3 series is launched and the new Pick 3 NFT ticket collection is activated.

The owner of the Pick 3 ticket earns 100% of the value shown if that same ticket number has not been minted in the PowerBrawl Max series. If the PowerBrawl Max series also has a minted ticket with the same number, then the owner of the Pick 3 ticket earns 75% of the pot and the owner of the PowerBrawl Max ticket earns 25%. 

Our website shows drawing dates, times, active drawings, pot values, and past lottery winners.

Odds of Winning

With 1,000 possible numbers to draw from, the ticket holder who has:

1 ticket has a 1-in-999 chance of winning.

2 tickets has a 1-in-500 chance of winning.

5 tickets has a 1-in-200chance of winning.

10 tickets has a 1-in-100 chance of wining.

25 tickets has a 1-in-40 chance of winning.

50 tickets has a 1-in-20 chance of winning.

Here’s a handful of our favorite Meme Mafia characters depicted on our Pick 3 Ticket Series NFT tickets.