Our Hangout in the Metaverse!

Explore the PowerBrawl HQ and the rest of the rapidly growing Spatial Metaverse! Create a personalized PowerBrawler avatar, explore the Hall of Winners, get your NFT up on the walls, and have fun (win SOL!) playing our sleuthy Brawler Hunts!

Race around the HQ and dig up clues to solve special coded messages dropped in the Meme Mafia telegram group. Solve the clue and win the prize! 

You can follow the active Max, Pick 3, and Pick 4 ticket series and secure your tickets without leaving the HQ!  Just hit the ticket logos on the wall next to the Hall of Winners.

PowerBrawl lottery winners have massive bragging rights that we showcase in the center of our HQ within Hall of Winners.  Winning lottery numbers may be posted here first (even before being announced in Telegram)!   

Brawler Hunts

Special messages will be dropped in the Meme Mafia telegram group, and you’ll need to explore our HQ to find the answers.  Various scavenger hunts and decryption games will be announced in Telegram along with instructions on how to win SOL prizes

Series 1 Brawler Hunt

There are 55 words posted on 55 pictures found within in PowerBrawl HQ in the Spatial Metaverse we’ve created. Click on the pictures that are hanging on the wall (the magnifying glass) to reveal a number and a word associated with that number.  As you explore the space, record the words and the numbers so you have the list at the ready. You can use one of the below files to fill in your info and save it locally for quick reference.

The secret message that needs to be decoded will be posted here and in the Meme Mafia telegram soon!

Buy PowerBrawl Tickets

You can purchase PowerBrawl tickets while you are zipping around in our HQ.  There is a “Buy Tickets” wall next to the Hall of Winners, and selecting the ticket logos will take you directty to that ticket collection for ticket purchases. 

PowerBrawl Max, Pick 3, and Pick 4 logos are scattered throughout other places within the HQ with direct links for buying tickets for the active series.

Hall of Winners!

You will find our “Hall of Winners” in the very center of the space. 

We’ll post the winners of each PowerBrawl lotter drawing in this space so visitors can see how much SOL is being won with our lottery games.

Other special features will be added to our Hall of Winners in the future, so check this section out frequently!