Progressive Lottery Game on Solana!

Active Max Ticket Series:  Mafia Market

The next PowerBrawl drawing will be in:








Boss Drawing

SOL Balance: 0.8014

USD Value $ 129.71

Status: Active

Consigliere Drawing

SOL Balance: 0.7862

USD Value $ 127.25

Status: Active

Capo Drawing

SOL Balance: 0.7860

USD Value $ 127.23

Status: Active

Every Max Ticket within the series is eligible to win all three drawings until the Series ends (when all three pots are won)

Max Ticket Series:  Mafia Market

Total Tickets Available:  10,000
Ticket Numbers:  0 – 9,999
Cost Each:  .03 SOL
Holder Ticket Limit:  None
Series Drawings:  3 (Boss, Consigliere, Capo)
Style:  Progressive
Payouts:  Solana sent direclty to the wallet holding the NFT
Payout Timeline:  Within 24 hours of drawing

The PowerBrawl Progressive Lottery

Meme Mafia’s “PowerBrawl Max” is a progressive lottery game with drawings every week. Each Ticket Series will mint ticket numbers 0 – 9,999 in random order, resulting in a max ticket mint of 10,000 tickets. There are three drawings (Boss, Consigliere, and Capo), and each Max ticket is eligible for all three drawings.  Drawings continue each week until all three pots have been won.  NFT ticket sale proceeds get pumped into each pot, and each pot grows until a winning ticket is drawn. And they continue to grow until the last drawing pulls a minted NFT ticket. 

NFT Tickets are sold for .03 SOL and every ticket is eligible for all three drawings. Winners are paid in SOL within 24 hours of the drawing.  The Ticket Series closes out once the last Max pot has been won. A new PowerBrawl Max Ticket Series is then launched and the process is repeated. 

BOOM!  Holders of active series Max ticket numbers 0-999 can also win 25% of a Pick 3 jackpot if their Max ticket number is pulled in a Pick 3 drawing. This eligibility continues for all Pick 3 drawings until the active Max ticket series ends (when all three Max pots have been won). 

Odds of Winning

If 1 ticket is purchased:  1/10,000

If 2 tickets are purchased:  1/5,000

If 5 tickets are purchased:  1/2,000

If 10 tickets is purchased:  1/1,000

If 25 tickets are purchased:  1/500

If 50 tickets are purchased:  1/250

If 100 tickets are purchased:  1/100

If 250 tickets are purchased:  1/40

Each Max ticket series depicts one of our favorite Meme Mafia characters.