Grumble is a crazy fun-loving family of memes from the mighty Degen mountains. Their wild attitudes energize the entire meme community with no regard to the fuzzy dogs or slimy frogs of past cycles.

Grumble incorporates all the best qualities to create the perfect meme. There are tons of zeros to burn using an insanely efficient ERC20 smart contract. Contract is verified and renounced with no blacklist function. Taxes are just 1% on buys and sells and 0% on transfers. 100% of collected taxes from transactions are used for buybacks and burns, marketing, community fun, and adding INSANE rewards to the super-limited NFT collection from Meme Mafia. Grumble pounced in with a fair stealth launch with no presales, airdrops, or team tokens.  

What’s next for Grumble? Watch this crazy family of loveable Memes revolutionize the meme space. This is your chance to get in early and rumble with Grumble through the next bull run. 

Symbol:  GRUMBLE

Contract Address: 0x940DE1ACDFa8645fCea718c2592DD2235F058776

Decimals: 18

  • ERC20

  • 100 Trillion Total Supply

  • 1% Buy & Sell Tax

  • 0% Transfer Tax

  • 100% sent to Uniswap at Launch

  • Ultra-efficient smart contract/low txn fees


  • 100% Liquidity Locked for 50 years (See Link)

  • Contract Verified (See Link)

  • Contract Renounced (See Link)

  • No Airdrops. No Presales. No Team Tokens.

  • 100% of tax proceeds go back into the project marketing, buy backs and burns, Pay Off wallet deposits, and NFT rewards

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