Pay Offs and Kick Backs

Pay Offs and Kick Backs are rewards that are hidden within our Meme Mafia Army (MMA) NFT collections. Each collection contains special NFTs with content that is unlocked on OpenSea by the Owner upon purchase. Unlocked messages reveal if the purchased NFT is a Pay Off  or Kick Back NFT. 

“Pay Off” NFTs

Each MMA NFT collection has a fixed number of “Pay Off” NFTs. Those lucky enough to land a Pay Off NFT earn an even split of that collection’s Pay Off wallet once that wallet’s 90-day timer expires. If there are 10 unlocked Pay Off NFTs and the wallet’s Eth balance is 2.0 Eth, then each Pay Off NFT owner receives .20 Eth.   

NFT Collection Pay Off Wallets

Each MMA NFT Collection is assigned a Pay Off wallet, and that wallet receives Ethereum from MEMEMAFIA and GRUMBLE transaction taxes. Eth builds up in the Pay Off wallet for 90 days, and when the timer expires the holders of all Pay Off NFTs evenly split the proceeds of that wallet. Unsold/undiscovered Pay Off NFTs do not count, only those sold when the timer expires.  Individual wallets can own multiple Pay Off NFTs and their share of the Pay Off wallet is distributed accordingly. 

Kick Backs

Each MMA NFT Collection (starting with Gen 2) contains a fixed number of Kick Back NFTs. Upon purchase, the NFT owner reveals the Locked Content field on OpenSea to find out if the purchased NFT is a Kick Back NFT. Kick Backs award USDC prizes ranging from $25 to $250, and the rewards are paid to the NFT Owner when that collection’s Pay Off wallet timer expires. Individual wallets can hold more than one Kick Back NFT. 

Pay Off Schedule

Just below this section you will find our Generation 1 – Generation 4 Pay Off Schedule. This table shows all our our current and planned Pay Offs, Awards, and Drawings. This table shows why you should hold your MMA NFTs and build MEMEMAFIA and GRUMBLE token bags and build them as early as possible to take advantage of lower prices. You never need to be present to win any of our drawings as winning proceeds are delivered direclty to the wallet holding the NFTs and tokens. Your job is to make sure your NFTs and Token bags are in the same wallet so that you qualify for these rewards. 

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MMA Generation 1 NFT Collection

Number of NFTs in the collection:  200

Number of Pay Off NFTs hidden in the collection: 12

Number of Pay Off NFTs found before timer expiration:  11

Link to the Laundry Wallet on Etherscan: Link

The MMA Generation 1 Laundry Wallet timer has expired and the Pay Off has been executed!

MMA Generation 2 NFT Collection

Active Pay Off Wallet:  Bakery Wallet


Number of NFTs in the collection:  250

Number of Pay Off NFTs hidden in the collection: 14

Pay Off Wallet Name:  Bakery Wallet

Number of Kick Back NFTs hidden in the collection: 20

Kick Back USDC Awards: 8 x $25, 6 x $50, 4 x $100, 2 x $250


Percentage of Pay Off NFTs unlocked

Bakery Wallet: Countdown to Pay Off








Wallet Contents:

ETH Balance: 0.568 ETH
Fiat Value: $ 1,343.55 USD

Holder Snapshot Countdown Timer








A snapshot of OpenSea and Etherscan will occur when this timer expires for the drawings being held on Dec. 11th. You do not need to be present to win. At the time of drawing, we will confirm that the wallet still holds the minimum required tokens and NFTs to be declared a winner.

Grumble BTC Drawings

Value of BTC is based on current BTC Price
BTC Prize 1
0.125 BTC
Value : $5,428.00 USD
BTC Prize 2
0.075 BTC
Value : $3,255.53 USD
BTC Prize 3
0.050 BTC
Value : $2,169.10 USD

Upcoming Awards and Drawings!