The Meme Mafia Army (MMA) Generation 1 NFT collection is our legacy collection.  The 200 NFTs in this first collection are highly detailed meme characters from our beloved meme world. Each NFT is 1-of-1 with a .03 Eth floor price. Do not discount the importance of this first collection. Own a MMA Gen 1 to make sure you don’t miss out on all the surprises the Family has planned. 

There were 12 NFTs hidden within this collection that were coded as Pay Off NFTs. 11 of the 12 were found before the Laundry Wallet’s timer expired.

Each Pay Off NFT earned .126 Eth or about $203 each at the time of award.  Congrats to the winners!  

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Check out the NFTs in MMA Gen 1 collection below, or visit the entire collection on OpenSea